mercè cañadell

Sculpture defines Mercè Cañadell’s artistic practice. Working in different media, most of her work is figurative.

Even though Cañadell has previously worked with wax, bronze and carved wood as well as ceramics, her overall work is clearly informed by a formal training in sculpture. The use of other materials and the learning of other technical skills have been added to create a new body of work and this is something that appeals to her.

I'm currently working on a series of ceramic sculptures that takes its inspiration from the changes and effects of Global Warming in the fringe lands of Earth's Polar Regions. My interest in this theme is related to the effects and the deterioration of the environment which causes negative impact to the surroundings and living beings that inhabit this harsh land.

The charismatic Arctic Fox has offered me a subject matter and motivation to develop a group of pieces that are interconnected. However, each of pieces can be displayed as unique work. Each Fox shares the same aesthetics elements. Each is a unique piece that has dialog between the others about themselves, their surroundings and the changes that are already depicted in their bodies. I’m using the shape and the movement of this creature as a blank canvas which allows me to reflect and elaborate the narrative of the changes that threaten their lives and surroundings.

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